Obama Wages War Against Jesus

Are you kidding me?  Obama goes to Georgetown, a private Catholic institution founded by Jesuits in 1789, and makes them cover up images of Jesus?  This is the most narcissistic act I have ever seen committed by a US president.

I Am Your Savior.  I am God.

I Am Your Savior. I am God.

Is this a formal policy of his administration?  Why did Georgetown allow this?  I would have told the White House to find another venue.  You don’t come into my house and disrespect my faith by making me cover the ultimate symbol of my religious conviction so you can spew a bunch of political rhetoric.

Has the White House made these same requests when visiting institutions with symbols of the Muslim religion?  I doubt it.

This guy is taking us on the fast track to hell.



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3 responses to “Obama Wages War Against Jesus

  1. Georgetown just honored VP Joe Biden. I think you have your answer. They put Obama between themselves and Jesus. So does Notre Dame.

    • buckthegovernment

      I agree that Georgetown should have declined, however; the request never should have been made. Just like a ridiculous photo shoot with jets flying close to office buildings in NYC should never have happened. And I could go on… You should check out the movie, The Dead Zone, where Martin Sheen plays Greg Stillson, presidential candidate. Here’s a quote:

      Greg Stillson: “I have had a vision that I am going to be President of the United States someday. And nobody, and I mean *nobody* is going to stop me!”

      Obama’s comment to Harry Reid that, “I have a gift”, is a perfect example of how narcissistic this president has become. JFK had a gift, Obama’s only gifts are the ability to read a teleprompter and to avoid accountability.

  2. thestarforum

    I didn’t know about this. He is so politically correct, that it’s offensive. It’s really too bad we cannot honor others and their beliefs instead of stripping them from people. I don’t believe in the Muslim faith, but if I were in a town or city that it was practiced heavily and it was offensive for me not to wear a head scarf, I would wear one, out of respect for them. But I wouldn’t wear one in my own house if they came for dinner. (But I certainly wouldn’t expect them to take their’s off, either.) It’s all non-sense.


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