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Watch Barney Dance Around The Issues

Let’s help Sean Bielat go viral.  Please send this to your friends.


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Help Sean Bielat Defeat Barney Frank!

Sean Bielat Will Beat Barney FrankIt’s heartening to see national attention being paid to the campaign of Sean Bielat but the battle is far from over.  Barney Frank, along with Crook Dodd, has paralyzed our economy and only a handful of Massachusetts voters are able to vote him into retirement.  I live in Massachusetts but still can’t cast a vote in favor of Sean Bielat – businessman, Marine and responsible conservative.  What the rest of us can do, however, is to send a few bucks to Sean’s campaign to help him continue rallying the entire 4th District of Massachusetts to stand up for our country.  Please take some time and visit the Retire Barney website and make whatever contribution you can afford.

Scott Brown’s win was great, but this will be the perfect exclamation point and will send a clear message back to Washington that fiscal conservatives are alive and well in this country.  It’s time for the grown-ups to take back control of “the house” from the children.

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It’s Our Money, Give It Back!

First of all, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all my fellow Irish-Americans!

Do you think we can get Saint Patrick to drive the snakes out of AIG?  Of course, the “geniuses” in Washington are ultimately the ones who simply handed over our money with no oversight so, while he’s at it, he can drive the snakes out of Washington as well.

Poor Performance and Failure = $$$$$

Poor Performance and Failure = $$$$$

Did you hear the comments from Sen. Charles Grassley?  “The first thing that would make me feel a little bit better towards them if they’d follow the Japanese model and come before the American people and take that deep bow and say I’m sorry, and then either do one of two things — resign, or go commit suicide,” Grassley (R-Iowa) said on an Iowa radio station, WMT, a clip repeated on a Washington news station, WTOP.

Bottom Line:

AIG would have failed if not for American taxpayer money, therefore; the executives would not only be out of a job but would not be receiving any kind of bonus.  Take back the bonus money (that was covertly distributed over the weekend) and FIRE them all.  Bring in smart, honest, hardworking Americans who will run AIG the same way they run their own conscientious lives.  Obviously, these egotistical bankers still think the rules don’t apply to them.   It’s time to give them a much deserved introduction to the real world.


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Former Countrywide Executives Profit From Their Crimes

Stanford Kurland, formerly of Countrywide, has a new venture.

Stanford Kurland, formerly of Countrywide, has a new venture.

What do you think would happen if you ran your business with absolute reckless disregard for ethics or the law, with greed as your only motivator?  Would you be able to sleep at night?  What if the government found out?  They could close your business, or worse, send you to jail, right?

Wrong.  The government could simply let you take your money and walk away with no penance so you can start another venture where you’ll profit from your previous illegal/immoral business deals.

Any executive involved in the mortgage meltdown should be banned from profiting in any way from their criminal behavior.  The government should use the bailout money to run this very type of business and let the American taxpayers profit from foreclosed homes and not the serial crooks responsible for toppling the global economy.

The New York Times published an article yesterday about this very scenario, invovling former executives the dirtiest of all lenders in the real estate shell game, Countrywide.  You can read this article in it’s entirety here.


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Why Are We Being Held Accountable For The Misdeeds of Others?

bud-seligBud Selig is responsible for the steroid era in baseball.  It happened on his watch and he was most definitely aware of his players using performance enhancing drugs.  He should be held accountable.  Period.

Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are responsible for the sub-prime mortgage debacle.  The Washington Post published an article in December detailing the blatant disregard for fiscal responsibility on the part of Fannie’s and Freddie’s top executives.  Their operating orders came from Frank and Dodd.  They should be held accountable.  Period.barney-frank

When kids get in trouble in this country, parents hire lawyers and deny their child’s accountability and, therefore; their own accountability.  Your kid did it.  He/she should be held accountable.  Period.

Roger Clemens could ultimately be charged with perjury for lying to congress about using steroids.  We all know he lied.  If Roger is charged, and we can prove the CEOs of the banks lied to Congress, these perjured executives should be next, right?  They ran their companies into the ground.  They should be held accountable.  Period.

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Illegal Policy Dictated By Barney Frank, Promoted By Bank Executive

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This video only illustrates the result of arrogance and recklessness on the part of the House Financial Services Committee, headed by Barney Frank.  Although the banks are complicit in these acts of predatory lending, our government devised and promoted a culture that rewarded criminal behavior.

Now, the Obama administration is taking these crooks at their word as they shovel our tax money into their pockets without even the slightest hint of government oversight.  It’s simply more of the same and we can’t afford to be silent anymore.

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