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This is What Happens When You Elect a Businessman/Outsider

Congressman Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) is as unlikely a politician as anyone you’ll ever meet.  But he’s exactly what we need in Washington – a businessman.  Do you think someone like John Kerry has ever had to make payroll or balance a general ledger?  Of course not!  The democrats think we can just keep printing money, overburdening business owners and continuing to expand an already bloated government.

Now, just imagine if we had a President who was a businessman.  Mitt Romney, for instance.


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Former Countrywide Executives Profit From Their Crimes

Stanford Kurland, formerly of Countrywide, has a new venture.

Stanford Kurland, formerly of Countrywide, has a new venture.

What do you think would happen if you ran your business with absolute reckless disregard for ethics or the law, with greed as your only motivator?  Would you be able to sleep at night?  What if the government found out?  They could close your business, or worse, send you to jail, right?

Wrong.  The government could simply let you take your money and walk away with no penance so you can start another venture where you’ll profit from your previous illegal/immoral business deals.

Any executive involved in the mortgage meltdown should be banned from profiting in any way from their criminal behavior.  The government should use the bailout money to run this very type of business and let the American taxpayers profit from foreclosed homes and not the serial crooks responsible for toppling the global economy.

The New York Times published an article yesterday about this very scenario, invovling former executives the dirtiest of all lenders in the real estate shell game, Countrywide.  You can read this article in it’s entirety here.


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Rick Santelli responds to WH on Kudlow Report…

Here’s Santelli’s response to the smug attack from the White House Press Robot:

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No Taxation Without Representation

It’s time for honest taxpayers to step up and demand representation from our government.  The $75 billion that has been allocated to curb the mortgage crisis won’t be enough.   Without a more comprehensive program, where the government dictates policy to banks that have accepted handouts, we will lose even more precious time as this problem spirals even further downward.

Banks have been bailed out.  Banks are able to  borrow money for almost nothing.  Banks are not required to pass this on to the taxpayers who are funding their recovery.

If you have a story of trying to re-write or refinance your mortgage and have gotten the runaround by your lender, please share your story with us.  If you are someone who has always played by the rules and lived within your means but are unable to get the economic assistance you require, please share your story with us.

“Buck The Government” is going to raise funds and launch a PR campaign that will bring national attention to the fleecing of honest hard-working Americans.  It’s time for all of us stand up, speak up and admit to the fact that people like Barney Frank are never going to do what is right for you and me.  Unless, of course, we make enough noise and publicly demand the representation for which we voted.

If you support the concept of taking back our government, I ask that you offer a “buck” to fund the Buck The Government campaign.  I will be adding a PayPal Donation button to this blog shortly.

Please share this with your family and friends and follow me on Twitter – @buckthegov.  I will have many more updates in the coming days.

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